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When you begin to honor your authentic self you become the witness to all

You are capable of


I'm Max, Born and raised in the great state of Maine! I'm a facilitator, writer, storyteller, educator, and mens coach based in Boulder Colorado. I have been engaged in my own personal mens work since 2017 and I have been facilitating, creating and coaching in many different forms throughout this journey since 2019.

Personally for me the journey of mens work resembles a spiral staircase, the more layers I peel back the deeper I go into myself and learn how to live as the most authentic version of myself. I am a firm believer that transformation happens in the body. That's why the work I do is centered around finding balance within. I look at the mind, body, and spirit. Through embodied somatic practices, cold plunges, sauna, one on one coaching and getting outside in tune with nature one can tap into a deeper wisdom within. In the past I have struggled with anxiety disorder, panic attacks, addiction, and depression. The only way I was able to get a handle on these challenges was through deep self exploration, physical stressors, coaching, and community building.


When I work with clients, I want to gain a deep understanding of where they are at. I seek to meet clients where they are at and we work from there. A big question I ask is what are you working towards in your own life and what does it look and feel like when you are living in your most authentic form? Then we work from there to determine a path that feels aligned with one's goals. By getting into our body, our heart, mind, and soul through exploring various masculine archetypes, physical challenges and exertion, embodied somatic practices, and one on one coaching sessions both virtually and in the mountains. If this feels like the right fit for you, let's connect to see if we would work well together.


How I Can Help You

  • Let's get to know each other better and talk about focus areas

    1 hr

  • Book a one on one session with me here!

    1 hr

    $250 per session
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