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Honoring Those Tough to Love Pieces

Through out most of my twenties, I was on a constant search for all the latest and greatest personal growth strategies that would allow me to feel happy all the time. As I continued this search and continued my own personal growth, I learned quickly that the "quick fix" to end pain and suffering doesn't exist. 

So what's the remedy? Honoring that part of yourself. When I began to honor those difficult to love parts of myself I noticed an immediate shift in my day to day life. That's my mission in my coaching. I work alongside my clients to help them gain a deeper understanding of themself. With a deeper understanding of the self comes a grander education of what it takes to be the best human we can be.

The freedom we give ourselves when we can honor our emotional experience and meet ourselves where we are at is endless!


  • Spiral Method Practitioner

  • Theta Healing Practitioner

  • In Pursuit of ICF Credentials


  • Creator and facilitator of Lionheart Mens Group

  • Co-founder of Wholehearted Fathers

  • Facilitator with Wholehearted Masculine

  • Co-host and co-creator of Permission, A mens retreat.

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